Like a Moth to a flame

Foot, i’d like you to meet mouth. Just last week I was prattling on about no good new music rabble rabble rabble.  Well earlier this week I stumbled upon an album from a relatively new band.

Do not be fooled, it’s no mere insect

I present: Moth – Endlessly in Motion. While i haven’t been able to scrounge up too much information about the band itself, the music really speaks for itself.  It’s heavy, not in a “this is brutal yo” way. I mean physically weighted heavy, when exposing your delicate ears to the first few tracks you feel overwhelmed by the sheer mass of the guitars, atmosphere and not-a-growl not-a-scream vocals. In fact listening to this album can be equated to the positive version of crawling through a quarter mile of crude oil laced with broken glass and human entrails.  After my first play through I felt like Tim Robbins at the end of Shawshank. Raised my arms in the rain and ripped off my shirt screaming, laughing and possibly wetting myself*.

*note I do not recommend trying this at home, as I did this in a crowded corporate office and let’s just say it did not end well. 

Despite this being the debut album of this band, between the musicianship, groove and overall production you would spear this was a 2nd or 3rd release.  Their mastery and overall performance is noteworthy.

Moth Metal

If I were to compare Moth to another band or be forced to throw them into a label (I know how you all love that!) I’d throw them somewhere between Meshuggah, Hacride and Gojira.  While maintaining a “technical progressive death metal” classification.

If Meshuggah’s last few albums left you as numb as they left me, I highly advise you give Endlessly in motion a go.  You sir, madame, klingon will not be disappointed.



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